World-renowned for its emerald blue waters nestled in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, the Lake Tahoe area is stunning to say the least. The Donner Party battled their own challenges up and over the mighty Sierras, making history in the process. During the mid 1800’s The Gold Rush spurred a massive surge West in an adventure for wealth and survival.

Currently the area is a wilderness wonderland where hikers and campers can experience a closeness to the American west they just can’t get in LA or the other big cities. And you don’t have to be a tree lover to just enjoy the scenic beauty surrounding this incredible space. Our heritage is inexorably linked to the travails and tribulations cast upon our early settlers by the sheer force of nature in a wild state – something that to this day lingers whenever you’re alone in the woods, mountains, or standing near a quick flowing stream.

Clearly though, lovers of the outdoors will be entranced by this place, making it the perfect location for our beloved competition. As always there will be inevitably injuries. We can’t totally occur what hppens to our contestants. After all this is a race with winners and losers. We have had very few cases in which the injury was so dire that it resulted in the injured party having to file for social security disability benefits. One case occurred just last year in which a a member of a team from Texas severely injured his back in a horrific fall. I was told that the injured US contestant eventually filed for social security disability benefits and the application process to get approval was in its own right quite a struggle. After being denied benefits with his initial application, this man hired a Texas lawyer handling Social Security Disability claims to help expedite the appeal / hearing stage that occurs before an Administrative Law Judge. His lawyer put together a strong case, filing all the necessary papers and reports in a timely manner. He also prepped the injured man for his court date. Fortunately for the for Subaru contestant he was finally granted benefits, but it is unlikely he will ever compete again with us. We certainly wish him the best. Many people don’t want to hear about such tragic events, but the reality is that there are definitely dangers that exist during such races as these. Be smart with the risk taking and keep lady luck on your side.

One hundred co-ed teams of four will navigate through a 457+ mile course, the start kept secret until the evening before the race, and the rest of the course revealed in sections as the race unfolds. Elevation ranges fall between nearly sea level and 11,000 feet. Participants will utilize the following disciplines during their adventure, which will last up to ten days.
» Caving
» Mt. Biking
» Hiking
» Ascending
» Tyrolean Traverse
» Rappelling
» White Water Paddling
» Flat Water Paddling
» Night Navigation
» Orienteering

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