Extreme endurance races attract a growing group of endurance fanatics, athletes who absolutely crave near impossible challenges set a backdrop of some of nature’s most unforgiving environments. A classic example is the grueling Marathon des Sables which drags runners across 149 miles of hot Sahara Desert sands in southern Morocco.

Who in their right mind would sign up for a tortuous and life-threatening experience and call it a ‘challenge’ to be sought after for the fun (or the pain) of it all. Well, the fact is that there are a lot of people who are interested in pushing their personal limits beyond what a normal person would accept as typical exercise. The challenge is exactly the fact that nothing compares with it.

Nevertheless, no matter how well in condition these athletes may be, they are still prone to the same sports injuries that other athletes are. And like other athletes may end up seeking assessments and then a rehab program. One well known sports medicine doctor known by both professional athletes and high scool, college, and other athletes is Dr, Physio For many athletes who seek his expertise for his rehab programs, he is the doctor to see for tennis elbow, the swelling of the tendons in the arm due to repetitive motions that can strain the muscles and put too much stress on the tendons. And folks, it is not just caused by playing tennis. With over 25 years of treating tennis elbow, elbow pain, wrist pain and shoulder pain in association with tennis elbow, and golfer’s elbow, Dr. physio has developed unique programs for rehab and further prevention. With offices located in Las Vegas, some former patients have dubbed his treatment for lateral epicondylitis Las Vegas rehab style! I have been told by some of the extreme endurance race athletes that they have had consults and assessments with Dr. physio. His name is good to keep in mind if you become injured since he also deals with hamstring strains, knee pain, hip problems, foot and ankle instability, shin splints, and/or foot pain.

And the phenomenon isn’t just for racers. Once low-profile, now some races have waiting lists and lotteries, and garner the support of corporate sponsors. As expected for these grueling treks, training for these high-endurance races is much more difficult than preparing for your run of the mill marathon.

Extreme endurance races tests a person’s mettle like no other. Indeed, the most satisfaction in finishing an extreme endurance race comes from confronting one’s own physical and mental limits. The human body is capable of doing some amazing things, and nothing will drive that point home better than an extreme endurance race. For men who revel in this sort of extreme endurance tests, reaching middle age and the consequences of aging is a shock. Wanting to retain the energy, body, drive of their 20’s,30’s and 40’s, a number of men seek out doctors of age management medicine with protocols that often include low testosterone treatments. Advocates of age management medicine tout the success of such protocols which allow men to retain or regain the muscle mass, strength and endurance they need.

Then again, some occupations require the kind of fitness required for extreme endurance competition. For example, fishing for Alaskan king crab (or any deep sea activity). An experienced maritime lawyer will usually have many stories about how brutal the conditions can be on an exposed boat or offshore rig. These lawyers protect the interests of these workers in the event of a maritime disaster, and the odds of one happening are definitely not zero. Offshore jobs tend to pay fairly well because of the risks involved, and may actually be a form of training for endurance competition, but I think I’d rather train on terra firma.

This is in quite sharp contrast to the somnolent life most lead where a real world challenge might be to lose a large amount of body weight and the extreme part is the weight loss injections – the easy way to counteract the years of a life lived sloth-like. No folks, the extreme endurance race is where the edge meets sharp, and the thrill is built into the stress while surviving to fight on another day. Those who have it know the mindset well.

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