The 450-mile race in 2005 will take place in the Lake Tahoe area of the Sierra Nevada, and involved mountain mountain biking, rappelling, trekking, caving, and white water paddling. Elevations as as high as 11,000’, and competing in the event will be teams from the United States, New Zealand, Great Britain, Columbia, Costa Rica, Sweden, Spain, Finland, Canada, Poland and Brazil.

Though approximately 100 teams are set to participate, it is predicted that only about 40 or 50 would likely survive the 10-day race.

A number of fund raisers have been held by the teams that do not have sponsors. One of the more unusual fund raisers was a silent auction that involved gift baskets. Apparently team members and their friends solicited local businesses for items and gift certificates. Teams members autographed team and individual photographs of them racing that would be also added to the gift baskets. The gift baskets were then created around themes such as a spa gift basket that had a gift certificate from a local spa. The certificate offered an hour massage which included a pre-massage parafango pack followed by kneading, stretching and acu-pressing to work tension out of the neck followed by a full body muscle-melting massage. The other items in the spa gift basket included Cru de Provence bath accessories with shimmering body lotion, bath salts, body mist, linen spray, shower gel, foot soak, bath caviar, body scrub, bar soap, body butter, bubble bath, sponge, shower brush, eye mask and much more. Probably every contestant in the 2005 race would like to be given a gift basket like this right after the race!

There is a slew of challenges facing teams during the Subaru Primal Quest, the world’s most prestigious adventure race. Even with the largest prize pool in the sport – i.e. $250,000 – on offer, it’s not all about crossing the line first to collect for most of the participants. Just finishing the grueling race is feat enough – and worth fighting for. During the 10 day event, racers will have to battle the elements, and surpass their own perceived physical limitations.

One of the biggest challenges of the race is body energy management. Consuming enough calories, water, and electrolytes, and managing sleep effectively are crucial. According to the team No Boundaries, the team logged in about 3 – 4 hours of sleep per day. And the winning team probably logged in closer to 3 – 4 hours of sleep during the entire 10 days.

No Boundaries is a notable mention for the 2005 race for several reasons: one of the team’s member is Erik Weihenmayer, a blind Everest summiteer. With tandem pedaling and kayaking on the Subaru Primal Quest 2005 roster, it be interesting to see how the team meshes together to overcome these specific challenges.

Also on team No Boundaries is Tony McEachern who was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor in April. Despite the diagnosis, Tony is in the race to win it: the medals, the prestige and definitely some great memories.

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